Learning WordPress, MailChimp and How to Blog


As a retired teacher I’m well aware of the need to keep my brain ticking over, so forced to abandon my familiar webdesign program, Dreamweaver, I’m updating my skills using WordPress which comes free with my Internet provider URL.


I’m also teaching a local lady how to use Excel and MailChimp. I know Excel like the back of my hand … but MailChimp?


So my first blog is about: (a) learning to blog, and (b) learning two new programs.  And once I’ve done the blog, it will be a mystery to find out where it appears on my website. Then more learning to either move it or delete it.


I’ve had a Twitter account for years but don’t use it. As a couple of my friends follow me, I figure while I’m at it, I’ll start tweeting. That way at least they’ll have something to read.

WordPress – Starting

WordPress … well, just trying to get to grips with linking it to my provider and importing my old website failed miserably. I’ve now started my website from scratch.

That’s ok, though. About time I updated it as it had been bogged down with years of outdated information.


If anyone wonders why I’ve got a form about Subscribing to a fictitious Mailing List on my Contact Page – well, I’ve got to practice using it somewhere. So if you do Subscribe, I promise to send something to you out of politeness.

See my ICT TRAINING IN YOUR OWN HOME if you are interested in learning some new skills from me.

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