Bill Chinn of Wickham and Miriam Smith of Shirrell Heath, Hampshire

William Boothby Chinn – RAF Dispatch Rider
Miriam Smith – Prior to marrying William Chinn

Bill and Miriam Chinn met at Wickham Fayre in Wickham, Hampshire. They were married during WW2 at Titchfield where Bill was stationed, on 30th September 1940.

Bill and Miriam Chinn – on their wedding day. Titchfield Registry Office when Bill was on leave.

They lived at Prickets Hill at Shedfield  initially, then bought a house in Shirrell Heath where they lived the remainder of their lives. They had 4 children: Rosemary, Sheila, Arthur and Barbara.

On 30th September 2000, they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with their family.

Bill and Miriam’s 60th wedding anniversary – 30th September 2000
l to r: Arthur, Sheila, Miriam, Bill, Barbara, Kelly (to the front-granddaughter – who hosted the celebrations) and Rosemary

l to r: Arthur, Sheila, Miriam, Bill, Barbara, Kelly (granddaughter), Rosemary

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